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As a boat owner, captain or manager you know that well maintained and protected surfaces not only look better, they also mean considerable savings in ongoing maintenance.

However, making a well-informed choice isn’t easy. At Gtechniq our fearless and relentless passion for innovation, means we only bring to market products that deliver proven and significant performance gains over existing market leaders.

This means you won’t find us offering generic polymers, waxes and cleaners. Instead you’ll find a comprehensive product range based on some seriously smart surface technology and up-to-date chemical engineering.

The Blue Marine Foundation

The health of our oceans and marine environment is hugely important which is why Gtechniq is proud to support the Blue Marine Foundation.

Blue’s mission is to restore the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. Blue’s vision is a healthy ocean forever, for everyone. They are dedicated to creating marine reserves, restoring vital habitats and establishing models of sustainable fishing. Their mission is to see at least…


of the world's ocean under effective protection by 2030


To be managed in responsible way

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